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we partner with media houses to deliver customized solutions that resolve client's most significant issues and create a lasting competitive advantage.

Our services includes mentoring, career counselling, relationship/marital counseling,training ,media consulting (MC, voice over,jingles,photography etc), publicity/social media consulting/ image management(we help draw traffic to your events/Business& personality via online and offline PR ) event planning and management.

EPISTEMIC CONSULT LTD. seeks to bring together Mentors, Freelancers, Businesses, government officials and over 200 Entrepreneurs in a bid to Connect, Network, launch EPISTEMIC SERVICES.

It promises to be an exciting experience that you’ll be proud to be part of and its also a movement as some of our activities gear towards reducing if not stop unemployment in Nigeria, promote Dignity in labor and encourage skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development.


The youths of today face many challenges that are unique to recent times. Industrial, technological and environmental changes have made life both easier and more difficult for our rural youths.

One of the biggest problems that the youth face is that of inadequate employment opportunities, this is more acute for those living in rural areas. Another challenge is illiteracy, this fueled by poor educational infrastructures.

They lack skills that will make them employable and lack business support funds that would allow those that are skilled to start their own businesses and be self-employed. All these make it difficult for them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Other challenges include lack of access to reliable health services, poor communication skills and other social constraints that excludes them from social economic participation.

And recent research has shown that most unemployed youths are more exposed to conflicts and illegal activities i.e kidnapping, armed robbery, drug abuse etc. Youths are generally the backbone of any society, their key role in society is to renew, refresh and maintain a civilization.

It is therefore crucial to address these challenges facing rural youths. If nothing is done to address these problems, we will be left with an entire generation incapable of taking up its role in the sustenance of the society.

EGF... The Organization

Epistemic Grassroot Foundation (EGF) is a community based organization which was established in 2011 in Nigeria. It is situated in Owode Idiroko, a small town in Ogun State. Our goal is to bring about changes to Owode community by addressing the various problems facing the youths through programs by exposing them to the atmosphere of education, employability and entrepreneurship.

With our mission set to provide an enabling environment for young people to help them learn, work and lead. We work closely with the community leaders, youths; public, private and civil stakeholders in supporting activities that promote positive youth development.

We have successfully counselled a number of students at various levels of education on their academic pursuits. Likewise we, have taken many drop outs back to school. We have held several variety shows where young stars come to explore their talents and capabilities in arts and theatre. We have also empowered over 5000 people since inception of the foundation through our trainings and offer of business grants from micro finance firms.

Our Activities

We aspire to motivate and engage our local youth to help them develop and focus on positive life goals. We have established various programs to achieve this. These programs are-:

Counselling - Our experienced counselors engages the youths to give them guidance and counselling on various life issues.

Wealth Creation and Empowerment Training – We give them training on small scale businesses such as poultry, fish farming, snail farming, production of some commodities, marketing strategies and guidance on how to get business finances. This program helps them to be more self-reliant and less dependent on government for job opportunity.

Enlightenment forum/Seminars – The enlightenment forum involve group discussions, interactive sessions and question and answers while we organize symposia for the youths in our seminars.

Mentoring – We mentor them on career path and personality development.